The Road Safety Audit

Where significant changes to the local highway network are proposed as a consequence of either the proposed access arrangement or off site highway improvements it is usual that the preliminary designs are subject to a Stage 1 Road Safety Audit. This document accompanies the Transport Assessment and provides an independent assessment of the key design and operating arrangements of the highway works.

The Road Safety Audit will identify potential road safety issues or problems that may affect all users of the highway and to recommend measures to eliminate or mitigate these problems.  A Road Safety Audit is not simply a check that a scheme meets design standards.

In March 2015 the standard for undertaking Road Safety Audits on the Strategic Highway Network (Trunk Roads and Motorways) has been updated. Formal guidance on Road Safety Audits is contained within GG119 (formerly HD19/15) of the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges.

Road Safety Audits are undertaken at various stages of the highway improvement scheme and comprise:-

Stage 1 – Completion of preliminary design 

Stage 2 – Completion of detailed design

Stage 3 – Completion of construction

Stage 4 – Monitoring (12 months and 36 months)

A stage 1 and 2 Road Safety Audit are quite often combined.

Road Safety Audits can be requested for:

  • Major and minor highway improvements
  • Traffic management and calming schemes
  • Pedestrian and cycling schemes
  • New and amended junctions
  • Motorway improvements

Road Safety Audits are undertaken by an Audit Team, which must be independent to the Design Team.  The Audit Team comprises of a minimum of two persons with appropriate levels of training, skills and experience in Road Safety Engineering and/or Accident Investigation.  The members of the Audit Team may be drawn from within the Design Organisation or from another body.

Site visits are a specific requirement of the Audit and both day time and night time visits are usually required in the later Audit stages.

Require Assistance with a Road Safety Audit?

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